sobota, 18 stycznia 2014

6 Pool

    6 pool


      Celem tej zagrywki jest jak najszybsze postawienie spawning pool-a i zalanie przeciwnika masą zerglingów. 

    Build Order

    6Spawning Pool
    5 - Drone
    @ 1:05 Send your first Drone to scout the closest spawn. If you do not see your opponent's Probe when you are about halfway to his or her base, go for the cross-spawn.
    @ 100% Spawning Pool - Three pairs of Zerglings
    @ Next Larva - One pair of Zerglings and make an Extractor right before the next larva spawns
    @ Next Larva (2) - One pair of Zerglings
    @ Next Larva (3) - One pair of Zerglings and cancel the Extractor
    11 - Overlord
    11 - Continue to build Zerglings

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